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About us

polish capital
    The JAMAR-PAK company was established in 2008 as as a daughter company of P.P.H.U. Jamar. As a result of the combined experience of the packaging and secondary raw materials industry, it has concentrated on the production of boxes and corrugated board components. Both companies are based entirely on Polish capital.
   We use our experience to constantly improve the quality of our services. We offer our clients many types of ready-made designs of packaging. Upon demand, we can also produce brand new, custom-made packaging designs.

    Our flagship product is a slotted-type box but we also specialize in die-cut boxes manufacturing. In addition, we offer two-colour printing (flexography method) and cardboard laminating.

    Since our first days on the market, we have established cooperation with a number of government institutions, and Polish and foreign companies. We have won the trust of major manufacturers from Europe, who appreciate the aesthetics and quality of our products.
Our company's environmenally conscious policy is aimed at reducing activities and processes with adverse impact on the environment to the greatest extent possible. That's why we:
- Control the emission of pollutants
- Avoid using dangerous substances
- Implement environmental management projects
- Purchase materials with FSC and Rainforest Alliance certificates
- Responsibly use company's vehicles
- Save energy
- Recycle and minimize waste production
Rainforest Alliance
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