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Corrugated Cardboard Guide

We divide cardboard depending on a number of waves.
Thus we can distinguish:
1. 2-layer cardboard:
2. 3-layer cardboard:
wave B - height about 3 mm
wave C - height about 4 mm
wave E - height about 1-2 mm
3. 5-layer cardboard:
mixed wave B and C - height about 6 mm
mixed wave E and B - height about 5 mm
Corrugated cardboard is made of different types of paper which affect its quality and durability.
These are:
- recycled paper
- testliner (more durable with just a hint of recycled paper)
- krafliner (allowed to come in direct contact with food products)

Another important factor in choosing right cardboard is paper weight.
For three-layer cardboards we can distinguish mixes form 340g/m2 to 530g/m2 whereas for 5-layer cardboard weigh ranges from 560g/m2 to 1150g/m2.

It is also worth mentioning that cardboard with high wave is stiffer and has excellent rebound properties of cushioning (so the package made of it ensures good protection of the product).
Cardboard with lower wave is more resistant to folding, crushing and puncturing. It also provides a high quality surface to print upon.
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